How do I set up automated notifications in SimpleAnalyzer? Why should I?

A key benefit of SimpleAnalyzer™ is that it allows you to configure processes that simplify and automate your MDS workflow. One way you can do that is by setting up automated email notifications that alert you about important occurrences in the analysis process.

Types of email alerts

1) When an MDS batch is pending approval before transmission

If you have configured SimpleAnalyzer to stop an MDS batch if a critical rule is triggered (as shown in the MDS Transmission Activity view below), SimpleAnalyzer can email you to let you know the batch is waiting for approval before it can be transmitted to CMS. This prevents MDS batches from being overlooked or delayed.




2) When a critical MDS analyzer rule is triggered

SimpleAnalyzer can also send you a notification whenever any MDS rule defined as “Critical” is triggered in the analysis process. This way you are proactively notified about critical issues without the need to log in and check an individual batch’s status.


3)  A daily digest email

Another option is to set the SimpleAnalyzer to compile all alerts for the day and send them to you in one email.  This is a great option if you have a regional or corporate role in your company and helps to keep your inbox simple.


How to set up notifications

Click My Settings in the far upper right of your screen and you’ll see the User Settings screen:


On this screen, check the boxes for the email alert(s) you want to receive, ensure your email address is shown correctly, then click Save Settings.


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