Steps for Accessing ePOC for SimpleConnect™ users

Article Summary: SimpleMDS users must use a personal CMSNet login credential to submit Electronic Plan of Correction (ePOC) information to CMS. The CMS policy requires the actual responsible party at the provider (initially the nursing home) to submit the ePOC, not a third party such as SimpleLTC. This should be the same person who would be signing/submitting the POC to the state via mail.

The ePOC application was released with ASPEN 10.1.5 in July 2013. The ePOC will be phased in by specific states and provider types, eliminating the need for paper-based communications between providers and survey agencies when reviewing plans of correction. This article covers how to gain access to the ePOC application via CMSNet and the ASPEN Web application. For additional help, users can contact CMSNet Help Desk at 1-888-238-2122.

IMPORTANT: SimpleLTC users should use the CMSNet user ID for ePOC only and not MDS transmission. 

How to get CMSNet-Secure Access  

All users must have a secure connection to CMS applications. New users must submit a request form for access to the CMSNet Secure Access Service. Forms are available on the CMSNet information page of the QTSO website.

Note: Users with current CMSNet accounts will not need to apply for new access. CMS does not permit the sharing of user IDs.

Once users have received their login ID/password to CMSNet (via email) they may proceed to to begin the process of obtaining the ID needed for ePOC access.

  1. Begin at the CMSNet Information page:
  2. Select the Submission Access link followed by the appropriate state from the U.S. map. 
  3. Enter the CMSNet login ID and password (received in the email) on the page entitled 'CMS Secure Access Service'. NOTE: New users must install the Juniper Network Client when entering the site for the first time. This will require administrative rights. Installation instructions can be found on the CMSNet Information page.
  4. Select the web bookmark, CMS QIES Systems for Providers. This will launch to the CMS QIES Systems for Providers welcome page. Once here, users may proceed in requesting an ePOC User ID/password.

For assistance with the CMS Secure Access Service login or installation of the Juniper Network Client, contact CMSNet Help Desk at 1-888-238-2122.

Requesting an ePOC User ID/Password

All ePOC users must register to receive ePOC access. Users submitting plans of correction for a single provider will do this via the QIES Online Registration tool. Users submitting ePOC data for multiple providers will apply for this account by submitting a request form to the QTSO Help Desk.

Forms are available on the ePOC Forms page of the QTSO website.

This will be in addition to the CMSNet account previously referenced.

Note: There is a limit four (4) ePOC accounts per provider. CMS does not permit the sharing of user IDs.

Users with current MDS IDs will not need to register for a new ID; they may utilize the ‘Access Update’ link found above the Provider User ID Registration form after following step one below. If there is a need for both MDS and ePOC access, users may only request one access type upon initial registration. Once the initial registration process has been completed, users may return to the Provider User ID Registration page and utilize the ‘Access Update’ link to add the additional access needed.

Online Registration Instructions for Users Submitting ePOCs for a Single Provider 

  1. Select the MDS and ePOC User Registration link from the ‘Welcome to the CMS QIES Systems for Providers’ page. 
  2. Complete the information on the Provider User ID Registration form and select submit. (There will be user’s guide located at the upper right corner of this page.)
  3. Click ‘OK’ on the Successful Registration pop-up window. 
  4. Review the confirmation page which will display the new ePOC Login ID. (Password will have been created on the registration form prior to clicking submit.) 
  5. Proceed to the email account provided during registration to obtain the necessary activation key in order to complete the final step of the registration process. NOTE: Users will likely need to log off of the CMSNet connection to obtain this email.
  6. Copy the activation key from the email and log back into CMSNet via the CMSNet - Submission Access link on
  7. Select the MDS and ePOC User Registration link from the ‘Welcome to the CMS QIES Systems for Providers’ page. 
  8. Select the Activation link from the upper right corner. NOTE: Users do not need to fill in the form a second time. 
  9. Enter the newly obtained ePOC login ID and paste the copied activation key. 
  10. Select Activate followed by OK once your activation has been confirmed. 
  11. Select the link provided to return to the CMS QIES Welcome page for Providers. 

For assistance with the ePOC User Registration, contact the QTSO Help Desk at 1-888-477-7876.

Accessing the ePOC Application

After completing the registration and activation process, users may access the ePOC application immediately by using these steps:

  1. Select the ASPEN Access (ePOC) link from the CMS QIES Systems for Providers welcome page. 
  2. Select the ASPEN web link from the ASPEN Access page to reach the ePOC application login.


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