Managing User Accounts: Assigning Roles


SimpleLTC has taken one more step in simplifying the customer experience: the ability to manage user accounts. This feature gives account administrators the ability to add, edit, and disable SimpleLTC user accounts for their company.



SimpleLTC users with account administrator access can manage user accounts online at any time. Once signing in at, the account administrator can manage their staff by clicking on the “Admin” tab on the top of their screen.


What are roles?

When creating a new user account or editing an existing one, it is important to assign the user with the appropriate facility access and role. Assigning a certain role to a user account will affect the user’s “read” and “write” access in SimpleLTC.

The currently defined roles are:

  • Account Administrator: The ability to manage user accounts. This role can only be applied to all facilities in a company.
  • Analysis Rule Manager:  The ability to enable and disable MDS Analyzer rules.
  • Auditor: Read access only. An auditor does not have access to transmit any assessments or submit any forms, but can view existing data in our system.
  • Business Office Staff: The ability to submit 3618 and 3619 forms. A business office staff user does not have the ability to transmit MDS assessments, submit LTCMIs, or submit PL1s.
  • Management: Write access to everything. A management user has the ability to submit business office forms, transmit MDS assessments, complete LTCMIs, and submit PL1 forms.
  • MCO Staff: The ability submit MCO Notification forms and to create Prior Authorization forms (Texas only).
  • MDS Staff: The ability to transmit MDS assessments and in SimpleCFS the ability to complete LTCMIs and submit PL1s.
  • PBJ Staff: The ability to view the PBJ tab, transmit PBJ batches, and run CMS PBJ Reports.
  • User Manager: The ability to manage user accounts. This role can only be applied to all facilities in a company.
  • TX - MESAV Note Exclusions: The ability to add notes to an existing MESAV and permission to adjust analytic calculations accordingly.
  • TX - PASRR Submitter: Limited access to only create, edit, and view PL1 forms. No other forms are seen.


  • Avatar
    Angie Drake

    I was given access to simple yesterday to help with LTCMIs but it will not allow me to edit forms.  I am trying to this access as soon as possible. Thank you

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    Luke Ensign

    I need access to another building from the one that I currently am assigned to. How do I fix this? 

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