The new MDS transmission visual workflow: How it works

We've made several recent improvements in how SimpleMDS™ transmits MDS assessments and how you access your final validation reports.

Video walk-through


Here's a quick summary of the three main changes:

1) A new progress bar lets you visually track MDS batch status


Now you can see at a glance where your MDS batch is in the transmission and analysis process. To open the final validation once the batch has been accepted, click the 'f' icon at the far right. A number "badge" (red number in a circle) indicates the number of assessments that were rejected.

2) MDS analysis is now built into the transmission process


Now you can automatically analyze every MDS sent to CMS. All batches are currently run through our basic MDS validation checks, but soon you will be able to build your own rules to apply or automatically send assessments to third party tools (such as PointRight, TeamTSI, MDS Director, etc.).

3) New visual indicators show rejections, duplicates and other stats

New icons and simple color coding lets you quickly see how many assessments were accepted or rejected by CMS


More analysis tools are on the way!

There will be more ways to analyze your MDS in the coming months, but for now these features are only open to a small group of select beta users.

We hope you enjoy using the new MDS workflow. As usual, our phone lines and email are open to suggestions. Please contact us via the help tab if you have any questions or improvement ideas.



  • Avatar
    Marie Graham

    Just awesome!!!  Love the color coding....

  • Avatar
    Jason Jones

    Thanks Marie. I'll pass your comments on to the designers. Feel free to make suggestions for improvement as you use the new view.

  • Avatar
    Cheryl Gursky

    Very nice. 

    Very nice.  User friendly and you can identify info visually in a snap.  Thanks.


  • Avatar
    Zarah Jayco

    It looks so sleek, modern and user friendly!

  • Avatar
    Que Mitchell

    Very nice. Definitely easier to read for both myself and the business office. Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Belinda West

    I like it! :)  Good Job.

  • Avatar
    Jason Jones

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback from everyone. We did have one request to add the MDS batch file name back to the list view.  We made a small change that no longer showed the actual file name, but it turns out that many of you preferred it the other way.  The argument for it made perfect sense and we reverted back to the old display for batch file names.

    Again, thanks for the encouraging feedback and constructive criticism. We have the best customers in the industry and it is your ideas and suggestions that have helped us keep SimpleMDS simple yet remarkable!

  • Avatar
    Rachel Little

    Does anyone know if there is a way to not send a MDS if an error is found in the analyzer step without rejecting the entire batch?


  • Avatar
    Kelly Brunke

    If I submitted two batches twice and now have two batches that are duplicates and have been rejected-of course,  is there any way to delete those, or will they continue to show up with red for eternity??

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