Exception error effecting American Health Tech (AHT) users

ALERT: American Health Tech (AHT) LTC users

SimpleLTC has discovered a bug in the AHT LTC clinical software that is causing some facilities to not be able to submit MDS 3.0 assessments. This issue is a problem in AHT, not SimpleMDS. This issue only effects some MDS assessments, not all. As a result, you may be able to submit some assessments but then get an error message when trying to submit later assessments.

Who is effected:

AHT users who have received the following error messages (or similar):

"Exception processing batch: An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 48, position 24. "
"Exception processing batch: Input string not in correct format.."
"Exception processing batch: Index and length must refer to a location within the string, parametername: Length"

Details and temporary solution:

This problem is caused when there is a character in one of the MDS fields that breaks the XML file format. The most common character is the ampersand ( " & ") and is usually found in section A1300 of the MDS assessment. If even just one MDS assessment has the issue and fails to transmit, it will cause an entire zipped batch to fail.

If one of the XML files within the zip has bad field data (the " & " ampersand to be exact) it will fail. We have seen this typically occur in field A1300B and A1300D, but it can happen anywhere the "&" is being used.

Solution: Until AHT releases a bug fix that will escape the character, the temporary fix is to remove the ampersand manually in AHT then recreate the MDS assessment and upload to SimpleMDS. If you need help with this process, call our support desk at 469-916-2800.

Tip: To find the problem MDS assessment, open the zip file manually and attempt to open each individual XML file in Internet Explorer. The bad file will usually cause an "XML Error" in Internet explorer. This will identify the resident that has the "&" in their MDS somewhere. Just go in and remove the ampersand then recreate the MDS and submit.



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