Quickcare (version 3.12.21) problem transmitting MDS 3.0 files.

ALERT: Quickcare users (version 3.12)

SimpleLTC engineers discovered a critical bug in Quickcare 3.12.21 that causes MDS assessments to be rejected by CMS. This issue is in the clinical software system (Quickcare) and is not an issue with SimpleMDS. Quickcare developers were made aware of the issue and have released an update to their software that resolves the problem (Quickcare version 3.13). It is strongly recommended that all Quickcare customers upgrade to the latest version 3.13 immediately to avoid delays in MDS processing.

Solution: Contact your IT department or contact the software vendor (Quickcare) to get the latest version and details on how to install/upgrade.

Who is effected:

Quickcare (version 3.12) customers only

Details/symptoms of the problem:

When trying to submit MDS 3.0 zip or xml files, users receive an error message "provider not in database" or "provider not found." This is a known issue with Quickcare version 3.12.21 (and previous) that causes the facility ID not to populate correctly on the MDS 3.0 assessment. This issue was discovered by SimpleLTC on Tuesday, October 5, 2010, but has been resolved by Quickcare in release 3.13.2.


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