SNF Quality Reporting Program: Non-Compliance Letter

You may have noticed a new report in your list of CMS Automated reports: SNF Quality Reporting Program: Non-Compliance Letter.  Unlike some of the other automated reports, a letter from CMS will appear only if your provider is in non-compliance with QRP data on MDS submissions.  
If you select the report title from the drop-down options and see the message, "Sorry no reports are available with the specified criteria," that's good news!  Your provider is in compliance.
If a report is displayed under this report option, you can open the letter to find out more details about your non-compliance.
As always, feel free to reach out to our support team at or at 469-916-2803.  Thank you!


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    Good Afternoon, 

    I am pulling the QRP report and noticed I had a Flagging Assessment with Dashes. 

    However when I physically go into the assessment, there are no dashes reflected. 

    The Resident is Shirley Sharpe ARD 11/03/2023

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